Adoption Attorney Services in Everett WA

Get the help you need from an experienced and professional Adoption Attorney in Everett WA. Adoption is the legal process for assuming the legal custody of a non-biological child. There are generally two types of adoptions: a “full” adoption where either a man or woman or a married couple are seeking to adopt a non-biological child; and there is a “Step-parent” or “parent/co-parent” adoption where one spouse is adopting a child of the other spouse.

Our Everett Adoption Attorney will discuss the attorney’s fees and cost in complete detail when you meet with him to discuss your adoption plans.

Loren R. Waxler, Attorney has been assisting clients with adoptions since 1987. Loren R. Waxler, Attorney and our staff are experienced in helping our clients through one of the most joyous times of their lives.

To find out more about how our law firm can help you with your adoption needs, contact Loren R. Waxler, Attorney at Law in Everett, Washington. Call (360) 947-7919 or use or contact form.