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Guardianship Attorney in Everett, Washington

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A Guardianship is a legal relationship that provides for the needs and protection of minor children and adults suffering from an incapacity, Guardians appointed by the Court are required to provide the Court with periodic accounting of the incapacitated person’s financial affairs.

Minor Guardianships:

A Guardianship of a minor child in Washington is often created to protect a child’s inheritance. In addition, a Guardianship is also a benefit at times, a requirement, for a disabled child after he or she reaches the age of majority.

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Guardianships of Adults:

A Guardianship is for an adult suffering from an incapacity offers the opportunity to provide physical and financial protection. A Guardian’s management of an incapacitated person's financial affairs is overseen by the Court to provide a safeguard for the individual's rights and finances.

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