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Child Custody Attorney in Everett, Washington

Fighting For You & Your Family

Get the help you need from an experienced and professional Everett Child Custody Attorney. Lawsuits involving child custody can be a difficult and complex case, whether it involves a dissolution or unmarried parents. It is important to hire a child custody lawyer who is well-versed with the laws and can protect your rights during a difficult time.

At the Law Office of Loren R. Waxler, we realize that your children must also be protected, as any proceeding will have large impacts on their current and future well-being. Our child custody lawyers will help you with parenting plans, child support orders, or any modifications needed to produce the best arrangement for your children. Your children’s safety is our priority.

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Third-Party Custody

If you have become the primary caregiver for a child or children and can show cause for legally replacing the natural parent(s), it is possible to file for third party custody under Washington State law. Our attorney will vigorously press your case in court to illustrate why the child should be formally placed in your care. Please visit our Adoptions page for more information.