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Wills & Probate Attorney in Everett, Washington

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Wills & Probate in Everett, WA

Wills are legal documents that direct how one person wants their estate to be distributed upon their death. A power of attorney is a legal document that grants to another person the legal authority to act on behalf of another. A guardianship is a legal procedure to grant legal authority over an incapacitated person. Loren R. Waxler has been assisting parties in the preparation of wills, powers of attorneys, and guardianships since 1987. If you are considering having your Will or Power of Attorney prepared, or a Guardianship established, please contact our office and set up an appointment at (360) 947-7919 or you can use our contact form. Loren Waxler has decades of experience as a Wills and Guardianship law attorney in Everett.

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Wills and Physician’s Directive (Living Will), Power of Attorney, Guardianship

Wills are the documents or instruments that set out the written instructions for the orderly distribution of a person's property or estate upon their passing. A Living Will or Physician’s Directive are legal documents that set out your wishes regarding the use of extraordinary medical procedures to maintain life.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which one party gives another party the legal authority to act on their behalf when that grantor becomes incapacitated and can no longer make decisions for themselves. A Guardianship is a legal action in which a party asks the court to appoint a guardian to take care of and/or make decisions for a party that cannot take care of themselves or makes decisions for themselves. A power of attorney and a guardianship are similar except a power of Attorney is given by a person while they are competent and a guardianship may be provided for after a person is incompetent and may not be able to care for themselves. Our fees vary depending on which need you may have. Please give our office a call to set up an appointment to discuss these issues and to get a quote on our fees.

Thank you for your interest in our office and our legal services. If you have any questions concerning your probate (or any other legal matter), whether you hire our office work with you or you are processing your probate case yourself, please contact our office to set up an appointment to meet with Loren R. Waxler, our will and probate lawyer in Everett.

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