Everett Parenting Plans Attorney Services

Thank you for your interest our Parenting Plans Attorney Services. It is our goal to provide you with professional and efficient legal services. In order to make you more fully aware of the future course of your parenting plan modification proceeding it is important that you have full and complete information regarding the process through which your case will continue until its final conclusion.

A parenting plan modification proceeding can be complex and confusing. Whether you decide to process your parenting plan modification case yourself or hire our office to work with you there is no substitute for proper legal advice to ensure your parenting plan modification is properly prepared, filed, negotiated and finalized.

If you have any questions concerning your parenting plan modification case (or any other legal matter), whether you hire our office to work with you or you are processing your modification case yourself, please contact our office to set up an appointment to meet with Loren R. Waxler.

To find our find out more about how our law firm can help you with your parenting plan modification needs, contact Loren R. Waxler, Attorney at Law, in Everett, Washington. Call (360) 947-7919 or use our contact form.